2022 Hot Products Catalog

Kawasaki Four Stroke Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index KAWASAKI FOUR STROKE Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 77 ©2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. INTAKE SYSTEMS RIVA ULTRA 250/260/300/310 PERFORMANCE POWER FILTER KIT RIVA’s Ultra Performance Power Filter Kit: Delivers greatly improved acceleration and increased top speed by replacing the restrictive stock intake system. The Power Filter feeds your supercharger with an increased volume of air via a large 4" diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element. Duct- ing is precision formed from a race proven composite that will not conduct heat to incoming air. Includes water-repellent pre-filter. IJSBA legal for all classes. Description Part No. RIVA Racing Ultra 250X/250LX/260X/260LX RK13090 Performance Power Filter Kit RIVA Racing Ultra 300X/300LX/310X/310XSE RK13100 310LX/310R Performance Power Filter Kit RIVA ULTRA 250/260 ENGINE BREATHER Easy to install Bypass Upgrade Kit contains all parts necessary to redirect hot air from engine’s bypass valves and crankcase vent eliminating power-robbing engine emissions from entering your air intake system. Kit includes fitted K&N filters for bypass & blow-off valves and crankcase vent. Designed to work with both RIVA Pro-Series & Performance Power Filter Kits for Ultra 250/260 Kawasaki Part No. Ultra 250/260 Engine Breather Kit RK1750-BPUK RK13090 RK13100 REPLACEMENT FILTER CHART Kawasaki Description Replacement Filter RK13110 1500 SXR RK13085-1 RK13090 ULTRA 250/260 RK13090-2 RK13085 ULTRA LX / STX-F RK13085-1 RK13100 ULTRA 300/310 RK13090-2 Prefilter for RK13090-2 RK13090-PF-BLK Prefilter for RK13085-1 RK13050-PF-BLK RIVA RACING ULTRA LX/STX-12F/15F PERFORMANCE POWER FILTER KIT • Increases airflow and power. • Installs easily. • Mounts directly onto stock throttle body. • Built to our specifications by K&N. • Includes two smaller K&N filters for engine breather hoses and water repellent pre-filter cover for primary filter. Kawasaki Part No. Ultra LX, STX-F Power Filter RK13085 Pro Rider is published 6 times per year and Hot Products has a supply of each issue available for sale at a special price and the magazines can be shipped with your Hot products parts order. Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine tells the stories of the personal watercraft industry from a core and revolutionary “pro rider” perspective. As the sport’s premier U.S. publication, Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine celebrates the unique variety of talent that continues to preserve, represent, and evolve the personal watercraft action sports experience. Whether you are a competitor, industry leader, or weekend warrior, Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine offers fresh insight and personal perspectives on what’s happening in the most exciting and extreme water sport on the planet. The personal watercraft industry is constantly redefining itself as it continues to grow and prosper. Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine establishes itself as the essential source of information and inspiration for our sport. Description Part No. Pro Rider Magazine PRORIDER Back issues also available. Call for availability. New for 2022 Pro Rider Digital Subscriptions Receive 6 issues that you can read online or download to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Visit http://www.proridermag.com for complete information