2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Kawasaki 1500 SX-R KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 70 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. INTAKE • MAPTUNER X • FUEL B. A. C. RIVA RACING MAPTUNER X See page 8-10 for more information Description Part No. Maptuner X Bundle (1500 SX-R Only) RK110NA-B-SXR A. Maptuner X & USB Cable 01-MTX B. Tuning License RK110SC-LTL C. Programming Cable (1500 SX-R Only) 01-MT026 See more RIVA Racing Performance Kits at www.RIVARacing.com/PerformanceKits RIVA PERFORMANCE KIT • SX-R 1500 RIVA IJSBA STOCK CLASS RACE PERFORMANCE KIT • SX-R 1500 The RIVA Stock Race class kit has similar performance as the Stage 1 kit and features performance handling upgrades to allow you to gain maximum race performance. RIVA RACING 1500 SX-R POWER FILTER KIT RIVA Power Filter feeds your SX-R 1500 engine with a steady diet of cool air delivering greatly improved acceleration and RPM. This system draws cool air from front of engine compartment near factory hull vents. Replaces restrictive stock air box with a high volume, precision-formed intake tube. Cool air enters the system via an oversized K&N filter element. Description Part No. RIVA Power Filter Kit RK13110 Replacement Filter RK13085-1 Waterproof Pre Filter for RK13110 RS13050-PF-BLK WORX RACING 1500 SX-R AIR FILTER • Allows maximum Air flow to your engine removing restrictive OEM airbox • Huge 4-inch J 1928 USCG Approved Flame arrestor with silicone end cap and stainless binding band ideal for saltwater environment • Silicone molded hose throttle body adapter tapers down to suit the throttle body with smooth internal bore to eliminate any intake turbulence • Increased acceleration and overall RPM’s Description Part No. WORX Air Filter Kit WR04057 HOT PRODUCTS JAPAN “SOFT” THROTTLE SPRING Description Part No. Kawasaki 15F/1500 SX-R DWSP-4 65mph @ 8,000rpm Description Part No. MaptunerX Bundle RK110NA-B-SXR Power Filter Kit RK13110 Skat-Trak 13/17 Impeller SK4875SW1317 65mph @ 8,000rpm Description Part No. MaptunerX Bundle RK110NA-B-SXR Power Filter Kit RK13110 Skat-Trak 13/17 Impeller SK4875SW1317 Intake Grate PRSGKAW1500C Sponsons RK26110 NGK SPARK PLUGS FOR 1500 SX-R Description Part No. Kawasaki 1500 SX-R CR9EKB Solid Top Spark Plugs • Solid in Box of 10 NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK PLUGS Iridium is significantly stronger than any metal used in spark plugs today. The ignitability and durability is better than platinum. Sold 4 per box. Description Part No. Kawasaki 1500 SX-R CR9EIX JETTRIM MAT KIT FOR KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R SEE PAGE 319