2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Four Stroke SuperJet 4 STROKE YAMAHA SUPERJET Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 46 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. INTAKE GRATES AND RIDE PLATES PROWATERCRAFT 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-22) FREERIDE RIDE PLATE The Prowatercraft freeride plate for the Yamaha 4 stroke SuperJet is the perfect combination of fun and function. This D-cut HFC rideplate will let you break the back end loose for powerslides, tail stands and tricks, give you a little extra boost for sending it off waves, all while still giving you just enough grip and stability to corner and shred. Unlike most homemade D-cut plates, our plate gives you added stability at high speeds. Even with added stability and a little grip, this plate is still easy to slide and break loose when you want to – but won’t come un- hooked unexpectedly or when you don’t want to break loose. This plate is an excellent option for casual riders looking for an all around shred at an affordable price. Description Part No. 4 Stroke Superjet (2021-22) Freeride Ride Plate PW-03SJ-310 PROWATERCRAFT 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-22) PERFORMANCE RIDE PLATE Description Part No. 4 Stroke Superjet (2021-22) PW-03SJ-300 Performance Ride Plate KOMMANDER BILLET INTAKE GRATE Kommander Billet Super Jet intake grate for the 2021-2022 Yamaha Super Jet. Manufactured and machined from a Billet 6061-t6 Aluminum then Bright dipped anodized for corrosion protection. Design and engineered for the best hook up and speed in the business. Description Part No. Billet Intake Grate KOM-0023 WATCON BILLET TRI-SCOOP INTAKE GRATE Billet Aluminum "Tri-Scoop" intake grate. Fits Yamaha 2021-22 Superjets. Loads pump for increased efficiency. Excellent in rough water conditions. Improves handling, and braking effects. Description Part No. Tri-Scoop Intake Grate TRI-SJ21 RIVA YAMAHA 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-22) TOP-LOADER INTAKE GRATE • Dramatic increase in hook up due to new top-loader wing design & inlet ramp. • Improved top speed in rough water conditions. • Race bred design provides excellent handling. • Excellent for freeriding or racing applications. • Significantly reduces jet pump cavitation. • IJSBA Race Legal. Description Part No. 4 Stroke Superjet (2021-22) Top-Loader Intake Grate RY22130 BLOWSION BILLET INTAKE GRATE Blowsion’s R&D team explored the Hydrologic Cycle to bend water to the upper most regions of the Superjet pump, no small challenge! This resulted in a multi fin design capable of maximizing pump load (AKA reduced pump cavitation) for cornering while maintaining straight line speed and stability. Additionally The Blowsion engineers developed two fin orientations (3-Fin & 5-Fin) for varying water conditions and or rider preferences. Description Part No. 3-Fin Black 02-01-172 3-Fin Blue 02-01-173 5-Fin Black 02-01-175 5-Fin Blue 02-01-176 Product Video RIVA YAMAHA 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-22) PERFORMANCE RIDE PLATE • Superior handling performance. • Improved acceleration. • Reduced porpoising. • Improved straight-line tracking at high speeds. • Durable black coating to prevent corrosion. • IJSBA Race Legal. Description Part No. 4 Stroke Superjet (2021-22) Performance Ride Plate RY21130