2022 Hot Products Catalog

2022 Hot Products Cover Featured Race Team Farthing Racing Deven, Talan, Dustin and Phil Farthing Racing is more than just Dustin Farthing multi-time IJSBA World Champion, it is now a 3 generation racing family including Dustins wife Nicole. Farthing Racing began with Phil Farthing as a motorcycle racer before Dustin was born. Dustin started racing in the early 80’s on motorcycles and then turned to watercraft in 1992. Deven started acing 2013 and Talan in 2019. They have been a close family and Phil is still responsible for managing the race shop, Farthing Race hauler, team and mechanics. The Farthing Racing Team has a great crew that has been with them for decades like Rich, Dixon and Hans. Cover Racer • Deven Farthing: • Pro Ski GP - Kommander Industries Hull • Pro Sport GP - Bullet Racing Hull • Pro Blaster GP - Wamiltons Blaster Hull •Sport Spec - Yamaha Wave Blaster • Pro Runabout 300 (P1 Aquacross) - Yamaha FX SVHO Results/Awards: 2020 Pro Blaster World Champion, 2020 Pro Blaster National Champion, 2021 Pro Sport World Champion, 2021 Pro Ski National Champion, 2021 Sport Spec National Champion, 2021 Blaster GP National Champion, 2021 Pro Watercross World Champion Sport Spec, 2021 Pro Watercross World Champion Pro Sport, 2021 Pro Watercross World Champion blaster GP Back Cover Racer • Talan Farthing: • Sport Spec - Yamaha Wave Blaster • Pro Sport - Wamiltons Blaster Hull Results/Awards: 2020 Amateur Sport Spec World Championship, 2021 Sport Spec National Tour 3rd overall, 2021 Sport Spec Pro Watercross World Championship 3rd overall, 2021 Blaster GP Pro Watercross World Championship 2nd overall Back Cover Racer • Dustin Farthing: • Pro Runabout (P1 Aquacross) - 2022 Yamaha FX SVHO • Pro Standup (P1 Aquacross) - Kommander Industries Hull Results/Awards: 27 Professional Championships, they include dozens of National, World Championships, 3x Kings Cup Championships, 3x Karujet Offshore Championships