2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Four Stroke INDEX Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 360 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. STOLTZ 3” END CAP ROLLER Description Part No. 1/2” Shaft 3” End Cap RP-325 AME WATERCRAFT GRIPS Description Part No. Yellow (sold in pairs) 58-4006 AP DESIGNS KAWASAKI ULTRA 250 SEAT COVER Kawasaki Part No . Ultra Grip Top UKAU250-BK/GN/S Black/Green/Silver SUPERJET HULL EXTENDER Description Part No. SuperJet 1996+ Side Only 54-3472 Black/Black With 15” Side Lifter AP DESIGNS HYDROSPACE SIDE MAT Hydrospace Part No . Side Mat HYDROSPACESM CLOSE-OUT ITEMS JET LOGIC SAFETY WHISTLE ON FLOATING LANYARD An audible signal device is required on boats and personal watercraft in most states. Clip it onto your life jacket or safety lanyard. Doubles as a floating key chain! Color Part No. Purple/Yellow W-1 SEAT COVERS Part No. Description Quantity In Stock AZ-SEW884-B GTR215(12-14) GTI LTD 130,155& 2 AZ-SEWFX3C FX CRUISER HO,FX CRUISER SVHO 1 AZ-SEWFZR-B FZR(09-11) SEAT COVER BLACK/SI 1 SEW40 KAWASAKI X2 SEAT COVER 1 SEW61-A-BLK ULTRA150/130DI SEAT COVER ALL 1 SEW631-A-BLK KAW 1100STX(97)/900STX(99-00)/ 1 SEW641-A-BLK STX-12F(06-11),STX-15F(06+) CO 1 SEW64-A-BLK KAW1100STX DI(00-02),900STX(01 1 SEW742-A-BLK WAVE BLASTER 800 ALL BLACK 1 SEW75P-A-BLK SJ(90-95) CHINPAD ALL BLACK 2 SEW76-A-BLK YAM WAVE RAIDER ALL BLACK 1 SEW784-A-BLK YAM XL1200(01-05)/XL800(00-01) 1 SEW78-A-BLK YAM WAVE VENTURE(94-96) ALL BL 1 SEW791-A-BLK GP800R(01-02)/GP1200R(00-02) A 1 SEW81-A-BLK SPARK(14+) 2 SEATER ALL BLACK 1 SEW821-A-BLK SD GTX(96-99) GTI (97-00) ALL 1 SEW824-A-BLK GTI(06-08)/GTI130(10) S/COVER 1 SEW82-B SD GT FAMILY(90-95)/GTS(96-00) 1 SEW831-A-BLK SD GS/GSX ALL BLACK 1 SEW84-A-BLK SD XP(97-04) ALL BLACK 1 SEW86-A-BLK SD RX/RXX SEAT COVER ALL BLACK 1 SEW883-A-BLK GTX LTD IS(09)/GTX155/215(10-1 2 SEW887 GTX LTD 215, GTX LTD 300, GTX 1 SEW88-A-BLK GTX(02-06)/DI(02-03) 4-TEC S/C 1 SEW892-A-BLK RXP-X260(12-15)/RXP-X300(16-20 1 SEW89-A-BLK SD RXP215 (04-08) SEAT COVER A 1 SEWVX-A-BLK VX(05-09)/VXS,DLX&SPT(10) ALL 1 SEWVXR1-A VXR(15-19)/GP1800(17-20) S/COV 1 BOAT MAT KITS Part No. Description Quantity In Stock SD17-BLK CHALLENGER180 -06 WITH PSA BLA 1 CHIN PAD COVERS Part No. Description Quantity In Stock SEW20P-A-BLK JS300/440/550 CHINPAD ALL BLAC 1 SEW65P-A-BLK 650SX CHIN PAD ALL BLACK 1 SEW67P-A-BLK 750SX CHINPAD ALL BLACK 1 HYDRO-TURF SHEETS Part No. Description Quantity In Stock SHT37-CD-2TBLK/ONG 2TONE SHT CD TOP:BLK/BTM:ORNG 5 SHT37-PSA-CD-2TBLK/ONG SHEET TOP:BLACK/BTM:ORANGE CD 2 SHT37-PSA-CD-2TLGN/BLK SHEET TOP:LIME GREEN/BTM:BLACK 1 SHT37-PSA-CG-2TLGN/BLK SHEET TOP:LIME GREEN/BTM:BLACK 1 SHT40-CD-BLCAM 40X62 CD BLUE CAMO 5 SHT40-CD-BM 40X62 CUT DIAMOND BLACK/MARBLE 5 SHT40-CD-LBL 40X62 DIAMOND SHEET LIGHT BLUE 5 SHT40-CD-LGN 40X62 CUT DIAMOND LIME GREEN 1 SHT40-CD-PUR 40X62 CUT DIAMOND PURPLE 3 SHT40-CD-SNCAM 40X62 CD SNOW CAMO 2 SHT40-CG-BLK 40X62 CUT GROOVE 32 SHT40-CG-YLW 40X62 CUT GROOVE YLW 1 SHT40-F-BLK 40X62 FLAT SHEET BLACK 8 SHT40-F-ONG 40X62 FLAT SHEET ORANGE 1 SHT40-F-PUR 40X62 FLAT SHEET PURPLE 2 SHT40-F-YLW 40X62 FLAT SHEET YELLOW 1 SHT40-MD-RED 40X62 MOLDED DIAMOND SHEET RED 2 SHT40-PSA-CD-GNCAM 40X62 SHEET CD GREEN CAMO W/PS 5 SHT40-PSA-CG-BLCAM 40X62 SHEET CG BLUE CAMO W/PSA 2 SHT40-PSA-MD-BLK 40X62 SHEET MD BLACK W/PSA 11 SHT47-CG-SWCAM 47X86 SHEET CG SWAMP CAMO 2 HYDRO-TURF CLOSEOUT ITEMS Hot Products is no longer a Hydro-Turf Distributor and , the items listed below will be discontinued once sold out. These items are being offered at the 2021/2022 Standard Dealer Prices, Hot Products is not offering discounted pricing at the time of the catalog publication.