2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Four Stroke ELECTRICAL Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 246 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. MSD IGNITION REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR MULTI-CHANNEL RACING IGNITION SYSTEMS FOR YAMAHA 650/701/760 Precise ignition timing is essential to produce maximum horsepower. However, one timing setting is not ideal for an engine’s entire rpm range. The dynamics of air and fuel flow into the engine as well as the speed that the piston travels through the combustion stroke all affect the ideal timing setting. Fortunately, the Programmable MSD Ignition lets you tune in a custom timing curve to match your engine’s requirements. Description Part No. Yamaha 650/701/760 Total Loss DISCONTINUED Kit Contains the following: Description Part No. Pro-Digital Programmable Ignition Unit DISCONTINUED Trigger Plate (not available individually) 4311 Pick Up Total Loss Universal (2) 4316 Coil (2) 42921 Coil Bracket (not available individually) 4570 Wire Set 31009 Flywheel (New Design) 43032 MSD TOTAL LOSS PICK UP Description Part No. Pick Up Total Loss Universal 4316 Pick Up Yamaha 800/1100/1200 43161 Timing Tape, Sea-Doo LAB17344 Magnets, Round 2 pcs/set 4309 ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES Description Part No. A. RRP Electrical Plate Carbon Fiber EL-PLT-MSD for MSD Component (2 piece system) B. RRP Electrical Plate Carbon Fiber EL-PLT-YAM to glue on side wall of hull C. Blowsion Total Loss Ignition Billet Plate - Black 01-04-419 4316 LAB17344 4309 0.375” diameter 0.125” thick B. A. C. MSD MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) POLICY MSD has announced effective January 1st, 2017 that MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) will be enforced for U.S. retailers. Any U.S. retailer selling MSD products below the MSD 2022 MAP pricing will lose the ability to purchase MSD products. See the 2022 Hot Products price list for the MSD 2022 MSRP and the MAP pricing. MAP pricing is not in effect for retailers located outside of the USA. MSD COILS COIL SPECIFICATIONS: Turn Ratio: 70:1 Primary Resistance: 0.2 OHMS Secondary Resistance: Less than 2000 ohms MaxVoltage: 30 KV Description Part No. Single Tower Pro Coil 42921 P HOTO COURTESY OF A BRAHAM H OCHSTRASSER