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FOUR STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX SEA-DOO JETTRIM SEAT COVER Kawasaki Part No . RXP-X 260 (2012+) SDRXPX103-COUT Spike Design RIVA SEA-DOO GEN-1 POWER COOLER ALUMINUM TUBE KIT Aluminum Tube Upgrade Kit for RIVA 'GEN-1' Power Cooler Kits include high-strength aluminum tubes with adapter flange to accommodate a Performance Blow-Off Valve Kit or Block-off Kit. Kawasaki Part No . Power Cooler Alum Tube RS1750-PC-TK KAWASAKI JETTRIM SEAT COVER Kawasaki Part No . ULTRA 250X/260X KU250X101-COUT 300X/310X JET LOGIC SAFETY WHISTLE ON FLOATING LANYARD An audible signal device is required on boats and personal watercraft in most states. A high pitch pealess whistle is a good choice. Clip it onto your life jacket or safety lanyard. Doubles as a floating key chain! Color Part No. Purple/Yellow W-1 AME WATERCRAFT GRIPS Description Part No. Yellow (sold in pairs) 58-4006 AP DESIGNS KAWASAKI ULTRA 250 SEAT COVER Kawasaki Part No . Ultra Grip Top UKAU250-BK/GN/S Black/Green/Silver AIRHEAD ® DOUBLE ACTION PUMP Perfect For Topping off Towables Description Part No. Airhead Double Action Pump AHP-1 GOGGLE GRIP Description Part No. Goggle Grip Lime Green 70-4046 DOC ALLEN’S VERSATOOL The Swiss Army Knife of Hand Tools! • Lightweight • Compact • Multi-Function • Stainless Steel • Use in Tight Places Description Part No. Compact Tool Set VERSATOOL New Reduced Price! New Reduced Price! New Reduced Price! HYDRO-TURF BACK SUPPORT Great for racing, recreational riding or just working around the house! Light weight. Will not absorb water. Available in Black only. Description Size Part No. Black S: 24-30 B20-BLK-S SUPERJET HULL EXTENDER Description Part No. SuperJet 1996+ Side Only 54-3472 BNJ BEARING STEERING SYSTEM FOR SXR/ZAPATA FZ Description Part No. BNJ Bearing BNJ-SXR Steering System for SXR/ZR Black/Black With 15” Side Lifter AP DESIGNS HYDROSPACE BOTTOM AND SIDE MAT Hydrospace Part No . Bottom Mat HYDROSPACEBM Side Mat HYDROSPACESM STOLTZ 3” END CAP ROLLER Description Part No. 1/2” Shaft 3” End Cap RP-325 MISCELLANEOUS • CLOSE-OUT ITEMS • REDUCED PRICING New Reduced Price! • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 355 © 2020 Hot Products. All rights reserved.