2018 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 40 INTAKE SYSTEMS YAMAHA 4 STROKE ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL YAMAHA • INTAKE © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. R&D VXR/VXS POWER PLENUM FILTER KIT The R&D High Performance Power Plenum Air Filter Kit was designed and developed exclusively for the new Yamaha 1.8 liter N/A engine. The R&D filter kit will unleash low-end, mid-range, and peak horsepower trapped in the restrictive stock air box. Description Part No. VXR/VXS (2011+), FX HO (2012+) 200-01805 RIVA ENGINE BREATHER UPGRADE KIT Fits 2012-17 models. Fits 2012 FZ models with engine number higher than 6AN 1013200 (without factory equipped breather box) Description Part No. GP1800 (2017-18), FX Cruiser HO (12-18) RY19040-12-EBUK FX Cruiser SHO (12-15), FX Cruiser SVHO (14-18), FX HO (12-18), FX SHO (12-15), FX SVHO (14-18), FZR (12-16), FZS (12-16), GP1800 (17-18), FX LTD SVHO (17-18) R&D PRO COMP COOL AIR FILTER KIT The system ducts its air supply to the supercharger via an “Indy Car style” 3.5” mandrel bent Aluminum tube and couples to the supercharger with a 90° Nomex tapered reduction elbow. Power Plenum Filters generate the maximum airflow and volume and install in minutes. Description Part No. SVHO FZR/SHO/FZR/FZS 200-01802 Pro Comp Cool Air Filter Kit (3”) SVHO FZR/SHO/FZR/FZS 200-01803 Pro Comp Cool Air Filter Kit (4”) FX SVHO (2014+), FX SHO (2012+) 200-01804 Pro Comp Cool Air Filter Kit (3”) R&D V1/EX PROFLOW AIR FILTER (TR1 MOTOR) Description Part No. V1 (2015-16), EX (2017-18) 200-01050 RY13040 200-01803 200-01804 RIVA POWER FILTER KIT Description Part No. EX (2017-18) RY13100 VXR/VXS (2011), FX HO (2008-11) RY13061 FX Cruiser HO (2008-11) VXR (2012-18), VXS (2012-16), FX Cruiser HO RY13062 (2012-18), FX HO (2012-18), FX Cruiser HO (2016-18) RIVA PERFORMANCE YAMAHA POWER FILTER KIT Description Part No. GP1800 (2017-18) RY13110 FX-SHO/FX-SHO Cruiser (2008-11)/ RY13040 FZR/FZS (2009-16) FX-SHO (2012-13)/FX SVHO (2014-18)/ RY13070 FX Cruiser SVHO (2014-18) RIVA Power Filter Only (for RY13040 & RY13070) RK13090-2 Pre Filter RK13090-BK