Welcome US Dealer,

The personal watercraft sales, repairs, and accessory stores across America and internationally are the backbone of our industry. We at Hot Products will be proud to supply all potential and prospective new dealers the parts that you need, and that your customers demand. Our massive inventory allows us to carry a wide range of hard to find parts and accessories. In addition, we stock most of the items listed in our catalog. If you¹re looking to be part of our team, we welcome you with open arms.

However, you must submit appropriate and legitimate information in order for us to approve you as a "Hot Products" Dealer. We will make every effort to qualify your application after all the necessary information is supplied and verified.

We strive to run our company with a personal touch. This allows us to treat all of our Dealers with the same Respect and Quality Service that you provide for your customers.

Please download the Domestic Dealer application, complete the package and submit the information to be processed.

*Note: California Dealers must complete a California Resale form, the form is provided in the list below. The form must be completed and provided with your application to be processed.

Thank you for taking your first step in becoming part of our "Hot Products" team.


US Dealer Contact:
Hot Products
8830 Rehco Road
Suite F
San Diego, CA 92121
Email: sales@hotproductsusa.com
Phone: 858-453-4454
Fax: 858-453-2046